Shark Tank Update: ReKixx and 5 Reasons to Give Thanks


One of our favorites to appear on Shark Tank, entrepreneur Gary Gagnon pitched his REMYXX recycled sneakers to the Sharks in Season 3 and Daymond John opted to invest during the filming. After further discussion, Daymond and Gary agreed that Gary should prove the market for his product, and Gary created a successful campaign on KickStarter, raising over $44K.

Recently we asked Gary a few questions about how his business (now called “ReKixx“) and what he’s thankful for this year. Here’s how he responded:

I am thankful post-Shark Tank for…

  1. the push it gave me to get ReKixx developed and into the market.
  2. giving me the confidence to keep on going in a sneaker market that can be brutal.
  3. the fans, followers, and friends in social media that have expressed kind words and support.
  4. a handful of close friends and personal connections, this includes Daymond John.
  5. the event that has allowed me to enjoy seeing my family cheer me on what has been a unique journey.

Question: You first introduced your business as ReMyxx, and are now going by ReKixx; what prompted the name change?
A: The name change to ReKixx was prompted in that I found a “remix” in the market that was a DJ, but also sold tee-shirts. So, with the trademark rules that put apparel and footwear in the same class, not wanting to face any issues, the name change made sense that ReKixx was always a top choice of mine. The association with ReKixx and sneakers is obvious, it is distinguishable, and fits the brand. Fact is, with so many “remix” names in the market, no matter how you spell it, I am glad to be up and running with ReKixx that the changeover was seamless . . . . reduce, reuse, ReKixx . . . . easy, right.

Q: Can you explain where your deal with Daymond stands right now?
A: While much has happened since first appearing on Shark Tank (May 18, 2012), my deal with Daymond, by mutual agreement, did not close. Where I connected with Daymond multiple times, he gave me significant insight, strategy, and extended his Shark Branding staff to me. Simply, we concluded the first step to my ReKixx success was up to me. It was my job to sell sneakers. Today, Daymond is an advisor that I keep him updated as we continue to build our relationship and I build the ReKixx brand.

Q: What was the first thing you did when your Kickstarter got funded?
A: Took a breath. With my Kickstarter project in place serving, at the time, as my ecommerce website and go-to-market strategy, it was not only the money at stake but also the proof of concept. I not only wanted to sell $40,000 in sneakers but also wanted to prove product viability with real consumer interest. To achieve both, was a happy day with a big sigh of relief.

Q: What can we expect in the next 6 months from Rekixx?
A: With my first inventory arriving in December I am selling ReKixx cool sneakers 100% recyclable online now at I am already seeing positive sales that I expect this first ReKixx stock to move quickly. I will continue the ReKixx grassroots effort of honest and true recyclability that is about design, fashion, awareness, and sustainability. I have new styles coming in a high-top, mary-jane, and a sandal. And from what I have heard, from people a lot smarter than me, ReKixx is positioned to be the eco-fashion leader in all of footwear.


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