Shark Tank Tonight: (4/8) Jeff Foxworthy and “Vinny’s” Wad


Comedian Jeff Foxworthy will make his first appearance on Shark Tank tonight as a guest Shark.

Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky:

Only available in a few stores, Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky is fresh tasting beef jerky with no additives or preservatives. Jeff Foxworthy, has his own line of beef jerky, if he likes it then Uncle Zip might get a deal… It will be interesting to see if he’s interested in this company.

HillBilly Brand:

HillBilly Brand is a clothing and apparel company that appeals to the little bit of hillbilly in all of us. They mostly sell clothing to fans of country music.
Broccoli Wad:

The Broccoli Wad is a money band that keeps cash, credit cards and your ID in one secure package. It’s made out of a high quality silicon band, which allows you to wrap all your money in one impressive package. We all know the Sharks like to keep their money close at hand, but will they be interested in investing in a rubber band?

Ride-on Carry-On:

You will never have to worry about your kids running around in the airport again. The Ride-on Carry-on is allows you to snap a chair onto your existing rolling luggage and roll your child through the airport.

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  1. Can’t wait to see what they think about the Broccoli Wad! I think I purchased something similar for my father years ago.

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