Shark Tank Tonight: (4/8) Kevin Harrington Returns


Kevin Harrington is back for this weeks episode of Shark Tank!

Emily Johnson and her family take try to convince the Shark that their business is the next big kids fad. FlipOutz are bracelets that your can personalize with FlipOutz coins.   Kids can register the coins on the FlipOutz website using a unique code, then they trade their coins with her friends and they are able to track where their coins end up.

James Mitchell tries to convince the Sharks to take a bite out of his business PureAyre. PureAyre is an all-natural food-grade odor eliminator. Strong enough to instantly eliminate the odor from cat urine and even skunk, yet safe enough to spray around allergies, asthma and even directly on people and animals. Instantly eliminates all odors leaving nothing behind, just fresh, “pure air”.

After Kiersten Hathcock left her job as a marketing executive to form her company Mod Mom Furniture.  She taught herself carpentry and began building eco-friendly toy boxes. Kiersten makes all her toy boxes by hand, she has six designs, all named after children she knows.

Stacy Erwin will pitch the sharks his business Fitness Stride. Fitness Stride is a fitness product, to tension cords attached to each leg create added resistance as he worked out, or just do daily activities around the house. Stacy has patented his product was looking to try to get them in stores.

I apologize but there will be a delay in publishing the recap of this week’s episode of shark tank as I will be away this weekend.



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  1. I watched Shark Tank tonight. I was shocked at the abuse the presenters have to take from the “Sharks”. I watched one of the sharks call a presenter a “cockroach”. The abuse continued with most of the presenters. We are trying to teach our children to respect people and somehow stop the bullying that is so prevalent in our society. I personally find the show disturbing and think the benefits of this show, helping people, is far overshadowed by the bullying and absolute abuse that is inflicted on people.

    No, I won’t watch this show again. And if this is the “real” world, what the hell are we doing trying to teach our kids not to torment, bully, and destroy other children. We should be promoting it.

  2. Shawna Berto on

    I love this show, I mean to get these great people together with ordinary ppl is a great idea. I will continue watching this show….I am just mad that I don’t have something to bring to the table so I could be in “the shark tank”

  3. I’m with Carol. Some of the most determined (but deluded) entrepreneurs could use a dose of straight talk… being savaged on national TV is going too far!

    If the prior presenters (the kids) had gotten stage fright, I wonder if the Sharks would have DARED act like that with *them*?

    No, because the same folks who who enjoy seeing adults being ripped apart would have realized just how cruel and unnecessary it is THEN.

  4. I love Sharktank, it is a great way to get you product seen, even if the Sharks don’t want it some one else might see it and invest in it. I would be willing to be verbaly abused and bullied to get on the show because I have a great ideal and no way to fund, for the help i would take the abuse.

  5. I love Shark tank, it is a great way to get your product seen, and if the Sharks don’t want your ideal , then some one else might see it, and want to invest. I’am willing to be abused and bullied to get on the show, i have a great ideal and no way to fund it, I mean really great, so a little bit of bullying and verbal abuse is a small price to pay to get on the show.

  6. Loved that episode. The kids with the FlipOutz bracelets were extremely cool. We love the ModMomFurniture stuff too. Glad she made a deal.

  7. I watched the show and I’m a fitness trainer. I loved the idea of the Fitness Stride. When one of the sharks stated he is getting a workout or feeling the burn on his legs and thighs I was amazed that was taking place and he did not move. Fitness Stride seem like a good way to get in shape while doing other things. I’m going to get one.

  8. The boy that was in the part with the FlipOutz was also just on an episode of Army Wives. What gives? Are the people on Shark Tank all actors? I would really like to know.

  9. I REALLY,REALLY loved the flip outs and I think they’re great! I would love to get a band and some buttons for my birthday(05,08). I think I would be great at the customizing thing too, because I’m an artist and singer which are 2 creative concepts for a 12 year old. So I think its a great idea whether they are actors or really a family of entrepreneurs.

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